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Large Multinational Lift Company Homeless- No Office?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Somebody told me this morning that a Multinational Lift Company is now without an office in Sydney and not by choice.

They had some very expensive glass lift displays and I would say the fit-out and subsequent removal will not be cheap.

Not sure of the reason but so many questions-

So many dates/timeframes don't line up with the story being told and a lot of recent redundancies. Is another company buying them? They have sold their business in other countries where they couldn’t make money and left a small technical support contingency. Is the parent company still able to prop them up? What do the current books look like after the last 2 years of turmoil?

When competing for the same jobs, this lift company will do or say anything to get rid of us and guessing they do the same to everyone else. We have never heard of any other company say anything about us in the way they do. This lift company tells clients to copy and paste emails sent from them (they’ve been forwarded on to us with that lift companies signature still attached) they once told a potential client that they should check out our office compared to theirs. They say to ask if we have a list of obscure test tools and programs, when the only items locking a job to them is a password and their proprietary agreement with parts manufacturers. One job they actually fixed the existing lift that they wanted to sell a full replacement lift (the quote for full replacement was on site before the easy to obtain spare part).

We would prefer not to have anything to do with their equipment.

This multinational lift company has recently taken a few of our lifts on maintenance as part of a group deal, they call us monthly asking what the lifts are: the client has all of the information and data on the lifts but this lift company is saying that it’s missing from the job site. Has anybody from the lift company been to the job to see if the information is there or to see the identification plates with the well known non-proprietary lift manufacturers name and serial number? Anybody can buy parts for our lifts- but it looks like they are creating a story that we are withholding information and parts. They could even call the parts manufacturers directly to get information or buy parts which we cannot with their lifts.

What does all of this uncertainty do to the too big to fail stable multinational reputation they are trying to push?

Why Did they recently purchase the largest Australian owned Lift company? Why do they not have an office but the company they bought still does? Wouldn't it be cheaper to consolidate offices and staff?

Have heard and been shown a few times 1% profits for many years- taking loans from Hong Kong to prop their business up, blaming old managers then replacing them but wasn't sure if they were dodging local tax. Have heard of management congratulating themselves for enacting orders from the parent company that nobody else will. There are rumors of internal theft and criminal charges- the uncertainty of employees must be difficult but so many know the way of the culture there.

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