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When is it time to modernise or refurbish your Lift?

Lift Modernisation Refurbishment Criteria

Elevator / Lift Modernisation and refurbishment is the process of upgrading or changing of major parts of a lift so as to improve performance, comply with current safety and disability standards and refurbish the aesthetics in order to increase the overall life of the existing lift.

Most old lifts were built to last compared to some of the products and materials used by others today, would it be possible that the new lift that you are replacing your old lift with will last the forty or fifty years that the old one has? Why should you consider full replacement of a good lift structure to install a proprietary lift product that only the installer can service or buy parts including the considerable building work and disruption to your premises that is involved to replace the existing lift. 

The Economical Alternative to full replacement is Lift Modernisation. Ecolift can replace, modernise and upgrade the main outdated lift parts. Some lifts have had millions of runs, the control systems are old and do become unreliable, there is the cheaper option of Refurbishing your existing lift or elevator that gives old equipment a new lease of life. Nobody would be able to tell that your Lift Modernisation was not a Lift new installation. This allows the elevator or lift to run smoothly and trouble free for many years to come.

A typical lift modernisation project involves changing the controller equipment, the motors, electrical wiring, the electrical panels and buttons, the doors and the destination floors if you would like your current lift extended up or down extra floors. Our company Ecolift is fully equipped to carry out refurbishment modernisation work on lifts and elevators of multinational brands from around the world. 


Ecolift can upgrade your lift phone systems to suit the new NBN requirements and the battery backup required for the phone lines in lifts during power failures.

Ecolift is a family owned Lift and Elevator Servicing Company based in Sydney with highly skilled technicians. Our principals have more than 50 years of combined experience. Ecolift can easily undertake Lift Modernisation work for different brands and types of multinational company lifts such as Otis, Kone, Schindler and Thyssen Krupp. One of our recent lift modernisation project involved an Otis Lift which was originally installed in the 1970’s. The Lift was having levelling issues due to an out dated brake. We installed a new dedicated lift variable speed drive and controller, Gearless 2:1 motor, new door operator, new disabled compliant buttons and in cabin voice annunciation.

We guarantee to provide you the best rates you will find in the Sydney market for Lift Modernisation work and will provide you impeccable service. What’s more? All the parts that we use in the lifts are non-proprietary equipment that are available to all and are covered under warranty for your peace of mind.

Get in touch today to book one of our lift technicians to conduct a site visit and provide a quote.

Otis 2 speed AC before modernisation:

Old otis lift doors and car operating panel before modernisation

Otis 2 speed AC after modernisation:

otis lift interior and buttons after modernisation

Otis 2 speed AC Motor room before modernisation:

old otis lift motor and gearbox before modernisation

Otis 2 speed AC motor room after modernisation:

Lift modernisation after motor, gearbox and controller is replaced

Eastern Elevators before modernisation:

old eastern elevators lift car operating panel before modernisation

Eastern Elevators after modernisation:

old eastern elevators lift car operating panel after modernisation

Before modernisation:

old eastern elevators drum drive lift before modernisation

After modernisation:

old eastern elevators lift after modernisation

Before modernisation:

old otis lift before door and button refurbishment and modernisation

After modernisation:

otis lift after door and button modernisation and refurbishment
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