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Why Choose Ecolift for your Service and Repairs?

About Ecolift Service and repair
Lift Service and repair Sydney
St Ursula's College MRL lift Interior
2000kg Emergency Lift
Sumasa 2000kg emergency Lifts

Ecolift has a team of qualified technicians to undertake Lift Service and Repair jobs across Sydney. 

Ecolift can service and repair Lifts and elevators from our range of suppliers for residential and commercial installations. Due to obsolescence of many proprietary parts (5 year old lifts we cant buy parts for and multinationals that password protect their equipment from you) we choose not to service other manufacturers lifts. We can change out parts to non-proprietary systems to achieve repairs to return the lift to normal service as soon as possible. All of our Lift Repairs and Servicing is carried out using the highest quality equipment and products. These parts are backed by the manufacturers warranty.

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