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NEW Lift Installation

EcoLift provides new lift & elevator installation services for low and mid rise commercial environments in new and existing buildings throughout Sydney. We have a team who can design and install a new lift & elevator to meet your requirements from 100kg to 30,000kg.


Site Visit & Quotation

Our sales staff will assess your architects drawings or take measurements from the existing site. We will ask questions about the usage of the new lift and elevator to be installed and any requirements that you may have. We will consult with all of the relevant standards applicable to the specific job. We will ask for your budget in order to provide an appropriate solution.  Requirements or suggestions made by you in regards to the lifts to be installed, our sales staff will be more than happy to help you. Based on this information we will provide you a detailed quote and offer for the installation and will include all of the necessary details in order for you to make an informed decision about your new lift installation.

Planning & Designing


Once we have  all the information that we require, our technical department along with our draftsman will start the design process. We will produce detailed  drawings and specification in order to cover all of the requirements including a comprehensive parts list of the new installation. Ecolift can supply thousands of options and choices for finishes, custom cabin and door heights, reduced pit, overhead and headroom. These designs will then be submitted to all of the interested parties involved in the project in order to obtain approval prior to the new lift installation.

Installation & Testing

 A schedule for the new lift installation will be provided and a visit to the premises for a final inspection of the lift shaft and site before the start date. Ecolift can provide on average an 8-week manufacturing lead time on High Quality custom made New lift Installations (shipping delays are being experienced by most though). Alternatively due to the lift being able to be manufactured quicker than the lift shaft and building structure can be built, the lift material can be booked for it to be manufactured and arrive at the job at a later date. Our team of lift / elevator technicians will then carry out the lift installation, commissioning and safety testing.

If you have any questions in regard to a new installation of a lift & elevator or would like to book one of our technicians to visit the site to provide a quote on a new lift installation.

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