Who is VVVF Driving?

We received an inquiry from a new manager of a club in Coogee that we serviced the lift at his old club in Bondi. He had received a letter from his lift maintenance company that the VVVF drive that runs the motor of his lift was not being manufactured anymore, the lift company would not cover the VVVF drive under their existing maintenance agreement unless he paid an absurd amount to replace it with the new version. The lift maintenance company said that if the existing drive was to fail and he didn't pay to fix it the lift might be out of action for up to 6 months. VVVF Drives do need to be custom programmed for the specific site. The multinationals usually quote 6-8 weeks replacements for VVVF Drives, is 6 months a stretch? We can get them 2-3 weeks. Do you send a letter like this to all of your customers, when the lift breaks down for any reason blame the drive and "we told you so".

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