The lift industry in Australia is very small.

There just aren’t that many lifts in Australia.

For every block of 50-100 home unit complexes there might be 1-2 lifts. installing lifts will be avoided if possible. there might be 200 cars and parking spaces in that building. One Korean lift company (Hyundai elevators) installs 2000 lifts per month in Korea we are not sure that 2000 lifts per year are installed by all of the lift companies In all of Australia. There might be 100,000 lifts in all of Australia there are 10.5 million residences and who knows how many commercial properties.

Most Lift companies are very competitive with their prices to builders to install their own proprietary product in a new building so that they can possibly get the ongoing warranty maintenance which could be up to 10% per annum the cost of the supply of the lift.

The race to the bottom.

The problem with cutting costs of the supply to get the jobs is that a lot of companies cut quality of the lifts they purchase we see a lot of questionable products used by others (Quality such as bearings, proprietary belts and sheave mounts instead of using standard ropes and the origins of parts such as fake parts)

Most lift companies will sign exclusivity agreements with the lift manufacturers that supply them with their proprietary products So It is not possible for anybody else to buy parts for the lifts that they are supplying. we have seen some of the proprietary parts manufacturers out of business within 5 years of first producing a lift component and the Australian lift company that has signed the exclusivity contract do anything to cover their tracks for parts that are not available including blaming the purchaser of the lift for the lift not being used for its intended purpose.

The problem with supplying poor quality products and then warranty maintenance is that the lift company will then have to pay for the repairs like an insurance policy Which is why we choose not to take on the service of most other companies products. some can be bottomless pits of expensive repairs due to design flaws and acceptable business practices of many.

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