Eco Lift is The Economical Alternative. An Australian independently owned, Sydney based lift company. Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy, Fair, good quality and good value. We provide a large range of solutions for New lift and Elevator Installation, Lift Modernisation and refurbishment, lift Maintenance, Lift Service, lift Repairs and Lift Upgrades. Eco Lifts Principals have more than 50 years experience in the Australian Lift industry and one holds a difficult to obtain Certificate 3 in Lift Systems, a 3 year course with a very limited number of successful participants.  

EcoLift has more than 100 clients in Sydney across various sectors, including Building and Construction, Design, Commercial, Government, Hospitality, Aged Care and Education.

Eco lifts Products use the same parts as the multinational companies lift packages, unlike other companies our lifts and the parts are non-proprietary and we don't lock the software for it to only work for us. Ecolift also don't have exclusive parts supply contracts with obscure lift parts manufacturers so the parts for your lift will always be available in one form or another updated version. Eco lifts Products meet or exceed the strictest safety rules imposed for lifts with local Work Cover design certificates and international approval for every part used.

Ecolift can work with your architect, designer or builder to supply fully customisable lifts and lift shafts to suit your building. Ecolift can supply lifts to fit in odd sized existing lift shafts including a round lift or adjacent doors on a centre balanced lift for example with reduced pit, headroom and overhead height clearances if required (depending on the speed of the lift). Ecolift is also capable of adapting and offering packages for difficult situations of modernisation.

Ecolift can provide 100 kg to 30,000 kg elevators and lifts through the highly sophisticated software and engineering processes of one the most advanced lift manufacturers in Europe that ensures the strictest adhesion to international technical standards of Safety and durability requirements of any lift. 

All products are built and supplied as Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant.

Check out our Portfolio Page to see some of our jobs including RMS Footbridge at Beecroft, NDIS Centre Liverpool. 

We are fully equipped to supply and
work on the following type of lifts:
disabled lifts electric traction lifts hydraulic lifts goods lifts passenger lifts

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